Glacier Peak When you choose a Washington Home Center home, you’ll own a beautiful home built with the highest quality in construction materials and proud craftsmanship for strength, durability, energy efficiency, sustaining market value, warranty peace of mind and pride of ownership. These are not your grandfather’s formaldehyde “mobile homes” of yesterday, we are today’s modern designed, taped and texture sheet rock/dry walled, “green,” and Energy Star efficient Manufactured and Modular Homes that have concrete foundations to build upon, just like the “stick-built” guys do it, except that they, traditional construction techniques generate about 4 1/2 lbs of waste per sq. ft constructed and our efficient way of building generates LESS than 2 lbs of waste per sq. ft. constructed. All our pricing is firm, we don’t do “estimates” like the stick-built guys do, because we know our exact costs and so, we don’t play games with “estimates.” Firm Pricing is our standard procedure you can count on. We’ll build your home in half the traditional time and we’ll build it, all appliances included, a “turn key” adventure, for less. We just build efficiently better.

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 Lightbulb evolution

Just As The Light Bulb Has Evolved, So Has Manufactured Housing. Come See How, We Won’t Disappoint.